rotting pumpkins

My Post-Halloween Birthday Debacle

Let me tell you a story about the disgusting thing that happened to me this morning, on my birthday. (CONTENT WARNING: GROSS.) My birthday is nine days after Halloween. So, of course I had three rotten pumpkins on my...

present monster concept art 04222017 (smaller, no ms text)

Diving into Picture Books

I’ve been writing picture book manuscripts for several years now. I read them all the time to my kids, so I decided to write some, too. Picture books are super fun to write because I can be as silly and sweet as I...

Reaching for coffee, she becomes waylaid, mid-stretch, by a pleasant nap. [illustrated haiku]

NaNoWriMo Comics!

Many years ago, I made this illustrated haiku for my NaNoWriMo friends: This year, I made a NaNoWriMo comic:   I have too many ideas for NaNoWriMo comics. I did not win NaNoWriMo this year. (Also: I worked on...