Writing merit badgeAs I said in my previous post, my NaNoWriMo plan was to write the ending of my almost-finished manuscript (the ending that had been planned for so long but never made it to the page) before getting started on the novel I intended to write this month. Well… I FINISHED! It feels amazingly good.

Since this ending was basically just the second half of the climax and the first half of the denouement (I wrote the very end a while back), it’s actually pretty cohesive. I really just need to go through the ending, make a few more revisions, and then I’ll be ready to let people read it. How cool!

In the meantime, I sent in my query letter, synopsis and 30-sample pages to a fabulous literary agent for the critique I won a few weeks ago. Getting my synopsis down to a workable length almost killed me. I was seriously trying to keep it under five paragraphs, as that was the length suggested by a few websites. Ultimately, I decided to take Nathan Bransford’s advice that two to three double-spaced pages should be just fine. So, it’s seven paragraphs, but under three pages. I hope that’s okay!

The fabulous agent sent me an email that said I can expect a response within 30 days. 30 days! I hope it’s sooner, as I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat (and that’s dangerous for pregnant ladies — our balance is screwed up enough already!). But I guess I ought to immerse myself in NaNoWriMo. That is, once I’m done polishing the last few chapters of my ACTUAL COMPLETED BOOK! Whoo!