Oh, baby.

Baby On Unicorn

On Tuesday, my husband and I had our big 20-week “anatomy” ultrasound, where they looked at all of our baby’s bits and pieces and made sure that everything was where it should be. We found out that our baby is a healthy little BOY! We had been anxiously speculating on the baby’s gender for a while, so it was super cool to find out. Now, thinking about how little it changes as far as planning, etc., makes me wonder why I was so eager to learn the baby’s sex.

But then I remember how, later in the ultrasound, when the technician was trying to get a nice full-body shot of our baby, I got all teary-eyed thinking, “That’s my little boy!” The truth is, it’s just so exciting to finally know another bit of information about our child.

I had a dream last night about a little blond boy with a crooked smile and I knew he was mine. Not that I think our child will look exactly like the toddler in my dreams, but at least now my subconscious can assign an image to the little guy wriggling around in my belly. It’s really amazing how much I can love this little thing inside me. I can’t wait to meet him!

Image by me, drawn on the day of our big ultrasound.


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