Polar Bears Against Climate Change Ugly Sweater Tee

I’m a fan of the “ugly sweater t-shirt,” a genre of silly holiday t-shirts that has gained popularity over the last several years. My husband and kids have several. But I didn’t have one of my own because I always order things at the last minute, and the ugly sweater tees for ladies never seem to ship fast enough. But not this year! I planned ahead. Then I couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted. So, I made one!

Polar Bears Against Climate Change Ugly Sweater T-Shirt

The Polar Bears Against Climate Change Ugly Sweater Tee depicts a polar bear stranded on melting sea ice. Climate change is real, and it’s really, really bad. The shirt is available for purchase in my Threadless Artist Shop. Since this is a print-on-demand service, you can get it in a ton of sizes and styles, and even on bags, pillows, and other items. I’m donating the profits from this shirt to a non-profit working to combat climate change.

Also, making pixel art is super fun! I made this shirt in Adobe Photoshop using an image size of 150 x 200 pixels. After I drew the image and added text, I rasterized the text and increased the image size to the giant resolution needed for t-shirt printing by simply changing the image size in Photoshop. In the image size pop-up, I checked the “resample” box and selected “Nearest Neighbor (hard edges).” Instant high-resolution pixel art! (Well, not “instant” since I had to design and draw the image, but instantly hi-res.) I’m already planning more pixel masterpieces!


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