Pregnancy Pains, Fears and Bliss

Happy New Year! My due date is now just two months away and things are starting to get real. Here’s an incomplete list of what’s going on with that.


  • Hip pain in the morning from having to lay on one hip or the other all night with the equivalent of a 20-something-pound bowling ball strapped to my abdomen.
  • Aching feet (and, occasionally, calves) from weighing 25 pounds more than I ever have before.
  • Upper abdominal pain (especially on my right side, where my liver happens to be), because the baby is upside-down and likes kicking me there. (Don’t worry, I’ve talked to the doctor about this and it’s normal.)
  • Abdominal muscle strain, due to my abs stretching and, possibly, tearing.
  • Nighttime leg cramps, causing brief, shooting pain in my calves.
  • General aches and pains in my back. Fortunately, these haven’t been too bad yet.
  • There’s probably more than that. Overall, though, I’ve been lucky and feeling good compared to many others!


  • I am going to have to deliver this baby and I’m totally not ready for it.
  • What if something happens to my baby?
  • What if something is wrong with my baby?
  • What if I go into labor early?
  • What if I fall down the stairs (or have some other collision) and hurt my baby?
  • What if my baby stops kicking?
  • What if I have trouble breastfeeding?
  • Oh man, there are so many more…


  • OMG, I’m gonna have an adorable little baby! I know I’m very hormonal right now and, biologically, my body is psyching me up to be a caregiver, but I can’t help but be super excited about meeting my little boy. I’m gonna be a mom! How very cool. And Eric is going to be a great dad. We just can’t wait!

Just two more months to go! Next time: How my insane writing goals for the next two months are going. (Spoiler: Not bad!)


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