Shiny New Things and JaNoWriMo

I started a new novel! I’m really excited about it. It’s all fresh and new and (mostly) flawless. It’s like a brand new computer with no features that annoy me yet because it hasn’t even arrived in the mail.

This novel is the one I meant to write for NaNoWriMo, except that I got distracted with finishing my former manuscript and never got around to starting it in November. Also, this is a different novel. The story I planned to write in November is pretty well fleshed-out and I still plan to write it one day, but it’s dark and angst-ridden. My shiny new idea is more sentimental. That’s a good thing, because my veins are pumping with pregnancy hormones. I’m crying over mushy holiday commercials and motivational NPR stories. This is the novel to write in the third trimester of pregnancy.

I just started the manuscript yesterday and have only about 1,000 words so far, in addition to a vague outline. I’m thinking I’ll do what I can over the holidays, then do a JaNoWriMo (January Novel Writing Month) in the new year. The plan is to have a first draft done before the baby comes in March — wish me luck!

Is anyone else up for JaNoWriMo? January is the perfect month to write a novel! It’s cold, dark, thirty-one days long, and you’ll be pumping with New Year’s Resolve. It’ll be great!

In the meantime, I wish you all a fantastic holiday season! I hope you get some shiny new things of your own.


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